Sunday, August 4, 2013

A new small garden bed

Running short of space for garden plant beds, I had started to look around for other possible areas.  The new Jaquemontia needed to grow beside the wall or an arch.  So I had chosen the one beside the pond, but the ground was occupied by something I could not decide where to keep them.  They were the small stones/gravel, mostly quartz, unearthed while making other beds in the front yard. I had stored them in an unused tyre planter.  I removed the stones into cement sacs and tucked them under the bench in the scooter shed. When the mind is calm, fresh ideas flash. Click on picture [taken in May] and see area circled in red. 

This is the closer view of the same area after I made the changes and also planted the seedlings in the new bed. 

The Jaquemontia should climb up the arch with its lovely little blue flowers. I thought this is the best place to grow Asclepias tuberosa [butterfly weed], sent by Dee from the USA. It should give orange blooms and is expected to grow up to 3 feet.  I read in some site that 3 have to be planted together for a striking effect.  I planted four.  In between, I planted two Evening Primrose seedlings which were extra.  So if all goes well, there will be blue, pink and orange.  Dreaming!  

Also see the table. The stand is from my old neighbour.  The tabletop is a junked concrete lid that was once covering the opening of the tank. I also used the sanitary pipes and two grinding stones beside the low stone slab bench.   Not in the frame is a little Mango plant which I intend to grow only up to medium height mainly for its leaves that would be required for the festivals. My friend Krishna Rao gave me this idea of self-sufficiency w.r.t. mango leaves. It is still small as of now. 

Today, I prepared a nylon wire support for the Jaquemontia climber in other two places. In one place, I drove a nail to the wall  one ft. from the ground, tied the wire to it and connected it in a 'V' to the wire fence on the compound wall.  

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  1. Fine work dinu. by the way do you remember one person i think "raja" who was staying opposite to your old house. he had bit stammering. he was our cricket mate. he used to bowl fast.i think he joined railways. last time i walked through deva parthiva road. nice memories it brought back.


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