Friday, August 16, 2013

Fish Eye View of Yarden

A new fish eye lens has been added to the paraphernalia.  Anything new asks for experimentation trials. Went around the Yarden with Canon 550d with this attachment. It is funny with the corners but it covers a lot of angle. The human face will be funnier when taken from a closer range. 

standing at the front door, I saw this. 

Went to the opposite end at the front gate. The rock-wall on the right where pots are kept was built by me some months ago. On the left, the stone trough with water lily, hibiscus, podranea can be seen. Almond tree and Fiddlewood tree, scooter shed... mail box at the gate....

Sitting on the pondside bench I saw what you are seeing now.  But did you also notice my knees? To the right would be my Yarden. 

Entrance to my Eden. Bird bath, trellis gate [repurposed], offset of the house on the left. 

Standing there, turning back...pond on the left, house on the right. All three trees are in this.  Aegle marmelos, Fiddlewood and Almond. Now you see why I cannot have any other plants there.  But the banana and papaya plants are near the Aegle, beyond the pond.

My Eden is flanked by the two tiled sheds you see in this.  The fish had flown higher and settled on top the adjacent new house. The street from where much nuisance is caused is on the left.  It was a morning and so there are hardly anyone. Garbage was out of the frame. 

Let us enter the Eden Space.  Full view! The fish sees both sheds on either side! 

Took this shot standing the tomato plant on the left, out of view. 

Going back further.... 

Cosmos Picotee colours in one frame.

Another view. The passage is on far left, "outside" the Eden area. 

This is from the other end at the trellis gate. Passage on the left now. 

Green door... the garden tool shed I built myself.  You will see it soon in my Junk blog. Standing at the back door side, I see what you see.  Hope you were able to locate my Eden from here!! Do not get distracted by the contents in the shed that is glaring at you!! :)

When I am not found anywhere outside, I may be in here.

Or most likely to be here. The reclining chair on the left is calling me!

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  1. Despite the distortion, the view is awesome with the fish-eye lens, Dinu. I love that the lens allows a wider area to be seen in the shot. Lovely garden, too, by the way; almost forgot to mention that as I am too busy drooling over your new lens!


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