Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Tomato Support Idea

I was looking for ideas for supporting my tomato plants.  The internet is the obvious source. Only last year I came to know that supports for tomato plants are absolutely necessary, when I actually grew 'on purpose'.  Earlier, these volunteer seedlings would sprout at odd places, esp. where the kitchen waste was deposited.  But the plant was ignored.  It would touch the ground and it would rot.  When I saw other gardeners on the internet grow tomato so effectively, I thought of giving it a shot having planned the new garden, [serious garden!] for 2013.  Many beautiful ideas are available. But my formula is to use what is on hand, as much as possible. 

My friend had given me a number of hanging pot frames.  I was not using many of them.  When I was hanging around in the Yarden scratching the head for some way to use them, a brilliant idea flashed.  I had recently took out from the pile a few iron rods from construction left over material.  I wanted to make a plant support with it.  The idea now was to fasten these hanging pot frames to this iron rod which serves as a tomato frame.  I pushed in the two ends of the rod into the ground.  

I had made a 'vine support pole' more than ten years ago, from a PVC pipe and many junked pens. This was lying around unused. I now fastened some hanging pot frames to this passing the pipe through the centre so that there is space around the pole for the plants to spread leaves.  I fastened 3 of them about 15 inches apart. Since the plant had already grown 4 feet tall, I carefully inserted the very tender plants that were 'workable' through the spaces.  It should work well. 

Watching out for the next few weeks how they grow, now having more light.

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