Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pigeon's eye view of the Yarden, etc.

 I had gone upstairs to take this shot stretching my hand through the window bars for a Pigeon's eye view of the garden area which was decided after considering many aspects. Roughly the area is about 25x8 ft.  The papaya plant gave some good fruits.  It was a volunteer near the kitchen waste pit there. I had left it to grow and it saw two sheds and the new house come around it.  I had moved the Thunbergia erecta already.  I brought in Allspice close to it, when the new house came up. The area otherwise was used as a storage site for various materials used for construction.  I made this ready as the materials were slowly used or organized and the sheds on either side came up. Picture taken in September 2012. 

The following picture was taken on the morning of 30th July 2013, also from the window upstairs. A good portion of the bay balcony also got into the frame.  It had to come as there was no choice.  Had my arm been a foot longer, I could have got the full garden bed that the parapet obscured!  :)  The Papaya tree which had grown tall was chopped off as it had got some infestation in the summer and also I was waiting to remove it to make the area ready before May for the new gardening season from June, when the rains were expected. 

I have labeled the plants in the bed.  One bed is not labeled on the left. Temporarily it is having fenugreek. I will decide which one will come there, once the seedlings grow a bit.  May be a few Nicotiana mutabilis will be suitable there.  See the labels Antigonon and Jaquemontia. The former is recovering from shock next to the stone bench. I have transplanted the roots from another spot where it was neglected. Not too sure if it recovers. If it does, it will grow up the wall and catch the wire fence on it.  The Jaquemontia is there next to the other stone bench. It will do the same on this side.  I expect the pink of Antigonon and the blue of Jaqs to flank the Purple coloured Thunbergia erecta. I have allowed the Holmskioldia shrub to grow from outside the scooter shed on the right to the wall. So it will have some reddish flowers - the sunbirds and tailorbirds love them. 

I showed the Morning Glory in my last post.  It is growing vigorously, so much that I had to erect a support at 7 feet high and it is still growing!  It appears to be like the Granpa Otts.

Two flowers of Cosmos Mixed Picotee have come up. 

I cleared the stones near the pond bench and made way for something else.  I plan to grow the Jaquemontia on the arch. 

With almost all dams in our state full before July, we expect a comfortable time w.r.t. water availability till next summer.  See photo. 

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  1. It's great the reservoirs are full! Your garden is always beautiful.


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