Monday, November 26, 2012

A black and white bird, Magpie Robin

So many objects seemed to suddenly appear in the surroundings of the house as soon as a digital camera came to me!!  I need not tell why and how.  Go figure!

One such was Magpie Robin.  I used to hear the calls in the evening from the tree where it had a nest.  I had not bothered to see what it was, before.  But when a digital camera in hand, the curiosity increased and and now I was trying to catch an image of it!  I must thank the camera for opening up new vistas and making me see beyond my usual range.  I was not knowing its name either.  Thanks to Dave's Garden, I could name it as Magpie Robin! 

I grew fond of its calls.  The bird bath, of which I have written in the other post, was a spot to shoot images of it as I had observed it liked and visited it to splash itself every day.  I had kept this birdbath under the tree it had made its home.  I had thought the tailorbirds would enjoy the bath, but no, they wouldn't even go near it.  Spotted doves would come for a drink, but not dip.  The Robins were usually seen in twos.  They really seemed to like to splash.

This was the birdbath. 

It found something from a Mussaenda branch.

Then I made another birdbath. I had failed to top up the water.  This Robin is feeling strange with such 'feet-level' water!  How can it 'dip'? 

This was my third birdbath of stone.

It is a juvenile Robin. 

When a Magpie Robin dips in water.......... 

The rest are recent shots.  Look at the posture! 

The Robin reminds me of my teacher sisters in the convent because of the appearance.  You can see one here, meeting last year after nearly 42 years. One of us is showing her own autograph he took at that time!!

With the tail up, that is its signature pose!

It was enjoying breakfast... a lizard was its menu.  I would not say 'poor' lizard, but it is Nature's food chain.

I must not fail to tell that the Magpie Robin is one of the most melodious winged singers, at least in the urban settings.  One Sunday it sat near my room window.  I did my best to stay still and record this video.  [Click].  Listen to its music and ignore the traffic accompaniment. 

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