Saturday, January 5, 2013

Playful Spotted Doves

Spotted Doves are among the common birds in our locality.  I have not observed where their nests are.  But I reckon their nests to be in my neighbour's large trees.  The first thing I hear in the morning as soon as skylight appears on the horizon, is its unique 'bubbly calls' from above the bedroom roof tiles.  It's here!

They are enjoying my yarden where they find something to search on the ground or to peck in the grass.  My grass is the naturally growing Cynodon dactylon - Bermuda grass as it is called.  

[ Old picture ]

I have also provided some water sources for the birds which they need very much. Though there is an exclusive bird bath where other birds visit for a dip or a drink, these doves prefer to use the larger stone trough for their drink.  The vintage trough contains water lilies.

[Old picture of the trough without the dove on it]

Yesterday morning I saw a couple of them in a very playful mood, first on the plastic roof, then on to the electric cable before they hopped on to the Almond tree where they can find a flat area like a 'helipad' [the chopped portion of the huge tree that had grown very tall.  When they fly, their lovely black and white tail feathers show up in a fan like shape.  Enjoy some pictures.

Hop and land

All wings

That's not a trampoline, but electric line.

Now you hop.


Look at the tail feathers.

Shouldering responsibility.


Since they were in a different mood, I could stand and capture some images.  At other times, when they visit, they fly away on sighting me from a distance. They are quick to fly away but the cat is faster.  Cats capture them if they go where they are hiding in wait, either from behind the water trough or a little bush.  They seem to know when their 'food arrives'.  Many have succumbed, but that is Nature's food chain.  Yet, I was uneasy the whole day it happened in front of my eyes.  We do not feel for it when a toad catches an insect, but this was a bit hard.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful! I just spent part of my early morning with these lovely birds, Dinu. Thanks! Funny how we take such things for granted most of the time! Susan

  2. I know it's not easy to photograph birds -- these are great shots, Dinu! And I love the stone trough with the water lilies.


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