Friday, January 18, 2013

Latest views of Yarden

In the last two days, I happened to capture some views of the Yarden.  Second week of January, 2013. 

Pot section.  Look how many Epidendrums are in bloom! 

My first attempt at tomato growing.  They grow tall!!  These 4-5 plants planted close together are giving some nice fruits.  Next time, I'll increase spacing.  Only after I learnt that it requires support, I planted beside the trellis.


Gerbera on the left, Gladioli on the right, tomato in the centre [of this picture]

This is how we enter the Yarden.  The Bird Bath greets there.  That old gate is now in good use!

4 days ago, I painted the gate, using wood primer to which I mixed some green paint.  Just for run! 

Tomato again. 

Another view from the passageway. 

The front yard occupied by trees and pond.  

Bed beside the west wall and junk shed in the corner.  I also keep firewood / twigs under the junk-sheet shelter.

Front driveway, stone trough, hibiscus, Basil.


I plan to trim down the side-growing branch of the Almond tree that overhangs the pond. 

House.  Right side - Yarden passage, pots section and a few plants visible.

Front. What do you call this?  Patio? Basil plant for worship can be seen in a cement pot on brick pedestal.  I keep some more pots with plants that like some shade.  

My Yarden, a little one here, viewed from the bay balcony. The right half is to be the ornamental garden and the left would be the kitchen garden.  

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  1. Pretty flowers, good things for eating and seasoning food. And sun! Thanks for sharing.


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