Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two little insects rescued

As I passed by a bucket of water kept near the washing area in the open central yard, I noticed something wriggling on the surface of water.  It needed a closer look.  There was this insect caught on water, about half an inch long.  It was a flying insect, I know not its identity.  I had not seen such insect with two black and white antennae in my yard before.  There were red or orange ones, but not with reddish legs and black and white body.  

I lifted the struggling little fellow out with my finger and placed it on a dry leaf to get itself dry faster!  Before I picked it up, I had brought out the camera.  In the excitement, I had failed to reset the ISO from 400 to 100.  A shot at the moon was tried last evening with a 400 setting.  As such, quality of pictures has suffered with 'digital noise'. 

It feels happy it feeling the warmth of the sun.  Water seems to be dripping from its abdomen. Good for it!

Held it in the sun for the water to dry up.  'Dry cleaning'!

"Now see how I perform 'bottom up' while I dry my abdomen by rubbing with my hind legs!"

It required more polishing to be able to take the next flight.
I was looking into my camera when it had vanished in a flash.  I turned back and looked at the nearby plant.  Wow, it was there on a green leaf!  Actually, it is a leaf of the 'Allspice' plant. 

I was saying to it 'Goodbye.'

I understood when it turned back to say 'Thank you!'

Then it crawled on my finger as if it understood my act of rescuing it.

There must have been still some traces of moisture on its abdomen. It was rubbing with the legs again.  A few seconds later, it was on its usual flight into the greenery.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 

Last month, the same thing happened in the open yard. It was a Ladybug.  It had got trapped in rainwater that collected in a plastic lid from the previous evening's rain.  

The white background is the plastic lid.  I poured out the water.

Took it on my finger so that it would drip dry. 

It crawled along.

Since it was morning, the "Morning Glory" flower was open. It is a Scarlet O'Hara.  When I showed it to the bug, it got attracted to it and crawled on to it. 

By this time, most of the water had dripped off from its body.

It was freely crawling along.   I left it there and went in to prepare for the day that began with a happy beginning.



  1. So he's laying there, your camera in his face, thinking, 'Enough with the picture-taking! Just rescue me already!'


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