Friday, November 23, 2012

Golden bug rescue

I recently wrote a post telling how I rescued two insects.  I had forgotten about this one, which actually was before those.  After lunch, I casually walked up to my front yard. The sun was shining on the water kept in a green plastic mug.  I saw something glittering on the surface, as if it was a little golden bead on it!  The sun rays on it really made it glitter.  A close examination showed that it was a golden coloured insect, with a partially glass-like wings caught on the water surface and it could not free itself.  I had seen such a one before in my yarden but they are rare.  So I brought out the camera, took some images and let if fly away.

 Notice the water/surface it is floating on. 

A very small insect, flat in shape.

On Dave's Garden website, I got to get it identified as Mottled Tortoise Beetle.  I later added a couple of images to the database there. 

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