Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some March Updates

Unusually, it rained heavily on 2 days in the first week of March.
Rain lilies sprang up, but in many agricultural lands, there were huge crop losses.  

The moisture supplied by the rain was just what I needed [because scooping soil is easier and no dust flies] to embed a few left over odd pieces of stones on the pavement and at the entry point to the Yarden/Eden.   I was waiting for this modification till the rain barrel was in a better place.  I had moved the barrel which I mentioned in my last post.  

This is the passageway path, after the paving.  To the right is the entry to the Eden, slightly raised, but not evident in this picture. 

Now I'm inside the Eden.  Look at the stones laid beneath the rain barrel - entrance.

It was like this last month.  Observe the area beneath the barrel. 

Another view of the entrance from my sitting bench.  

Sitting bench faces the entrance. I have to climb 3 inches on that stone.  

My wild lawn - nothing but Cynodon dactylon - became greener after receiving rains.  One of my 3 tyre planters are seen in this picture [foreground].  I have kept Billbergia pyramidalis in this one. 

I am preparing materials for my Tomato ladder and other support frames while junk is converted that way.  The progress will be updated.

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  1. I'm sitting here drooling over those flat paving stones, Dinu!


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