Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My birdhouse - a flop

Inspired by other gardeners on Dave's Garden site where members had shared their beautiful birdhouses and colourful birds, I wanted to try one for our smaller birds here.  So I looked for some easy projects to make one.  I found a simple model for which just four pieces of wood, a plastic bottle [in cylindrical shape] and a stiff wire were required. For the wood, I used the crude pieces of my old toy projector [an old story - click here] and the other materials were on hand. 

In all expectation, I hung my birdhouse on the fiddlewood tree.  Many weeks passed, but I found no visitors. I was wondering what was wrong with it.  So I changed the location and just removed it to a place, dejected.  Now it was hung low on a hibiscus plant. 

I was in the kitchen when I heard this little bird calling.  When I looked out of the window, I got the scene I yearned for - a bird in my birdhouse!!  After jumping a hop with joy, I ran to arm myself with the camera and carefully, partly opened the second door of the toilet that opened out to the yard side. The Great Tit was exploring possibility by surveying it!  In fact, it turned out to be the only time it or any other bird visited!  :( 

Its present fate....waiting to go into the boiler oven!  I never made another.  

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  1. Hey, you! This story reminds me of something you told me about birdbaths: Birds don't like shiny birdbaths! Hm. I wonder what it was that deterred birdies from moving into that birdhouse, Dinu. Interesting.


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