Monday, April 1, 2013

Yarden Re-shape

Gardeners do this oftentimes - reshaping or moving plants around!  I am no exception.  In my opinion, if a design is 'permanent' then there is no scope for creativity and we get new ideas every now and then.  So if there are 'movable assets' as I call stones, curbs and bricks, I can convert the seed ideas into fruition.

Now, all I did was to remove one half of the tomato trellis which was obscuring the path and a straight bed parallel to the 'dismantlable' moat-parapet.  The tomato plants had dried. So it was time to remove them.  I also observed that only one half of the trellis and a netting above it were sufficient for 3-4 tomato plants.  I shifted one half of the trellis - which actually is in the shape of a gate [iron] near the Gerbera plant.

Support frame that held the tomato plant - seen on left, one half retained.  See the other slightly to the right.

View from the other side.  See the straightened bed and the other frame. 

Another view.

Shade net can be seen. 

Last week, I also erected a shade net to protect the small yarden from the sun this summer which is expected to be quite warm due to a huge shortfall in the last monsoon.

A garden friend from Dave's Garden, Dee [who lives in a Dome-shaped Home] has sent me some 9-10 varieties of seeds which I plan to try-grow this coming June when rains should start after summer.

It was a lot of work today as I had also prepared the bed by sieving out the new bed. The soil had plenty of cement grits which had got mixed up when the earth was used for concrete roof centering for the house which was built more than a year ago.  I salvaged the good earth and also raised the entire garden area, using stone curbs that are not visible.

All those were done at a time when the other half of our house which is now owned by someone is being dismantled.

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