Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July-August Show

You will see plenty of pictures in this post.

July, tomato plants starting to reach for the supports.  Coriander [cilantro] in two parts of the bed.

Zinnias starting to grow up.

Zinnias and the new set of Cosmos picotees.  
I resowed those cosmos seeds after the first batch of seedlings was attacked by mealy bugs.  I sprayed soapy water to the adjacent Jaquemontia vine which was the only one infested by mealys.  It came under control and started to bloom again in 2 weeks.

Geranium threw up a lovely set of flowers.

Time for Jasmine [we call this as Jaaji in Kannada]. 

Jaquemontia vine near the pond continues to bloom in profusion, much to the delight of our milkman Subramanya also.  He sees the overhanging plant [cows prune the extras] from the street outside and he admires "they are like blue lights". 

A shot taken of the yard from near the Plumeria tree.  See the Scarlet O'Hara vine in pink bloom growing on my pipe trellis. Those blue pipes had warped and I used the warps on the four pipes to make this tower!!  I put jute rope for the vine to grip as it climbs.

Balsam plants are doing well.  

Zinnias continue to show good signs of healthy growth, so are the two plants in pots there - Angelonia and Bachelor's Button.

About 20 days later, same view.  Zinnias taller and in bloom.

French Marigolds I direct-sowed in this bed near the pond have been doing nicely.  I put in the extra zinnia seedlings in one row behind.  The plastic trellis holds Quamoclit and Orange Noah. 

I had the most delightful surprise on 21st July.  The Nymphaea 'Red Flare'.

I thought it was gone but it had risen like a phoenix.  The last it bloomed was in my first pond 6-7 years ago!! I removed the overgrown blue lily from the pond 3 months ago.  May be this had been dormant ever since it was shifted, I cannot tell.  Now I know that this lily has bronze green leaves, a little different from the leaves of the blue lily which is just green. 

Come August the grand Zinnia show. I sowed more seeds this time.  I put supports to prevent the plants from toppling in the rain and wind gusts.

The opposite bed of Zinnias are also getting ready to show their colours.

This is a pleasing colour.

The Orange Noah flower after a light morning drizzle.  

Morning Glory - Grandpa Otts doing nicely on the small bamboo tower - the plants are in the pot.
Notice my 'lawn'. It is nothing but Bermuda grass, loved by the cows.  I put the clippings out and the cows wait for them from time to time.
August will be rainy month and there is accelerated growth and so more frequently it needs to be cut, to keep the 'lawn' in 'shape'.

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  1. Lovely, lovely! Great work, Dinu! I love that we have some of the same flowers in our gardens - zinnias and morning glories, to name two! And of course I covet the flowers that you have and I don't! That blue-flowering vine is supposed to me in MY garden, I think! I have no idea what it's doing in your garden! Just kidding. Thanks for the lovely tour of your garden. I could make a million-bazillion comments, but will restrain myself for now!


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