Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birdbath, bed and kerb

A month ago I did some reshaping and had moved the birdbath under the Allspice tree.  Regular visitors, esp. Red-whiskered Bulbuls did not locate it, but preferred the one I had kept under the tap opposite to it.  The tailorbirds, great tit, mynas and crows had starting using.  The new place did not help me either because it was not visible from my room window.  It was time to move it again.

The platform for keeping pots had to be lowered because I intend to keep the larger pots in a line which will be heavier to handle.  Picture below is of February.  Keep an eye on the vertical poles - they also moved in.  See where the birdbath was placed [next to the wall].
[Click on pictures to biggify them]

See the differences here.  I have removed all the stones under the pot-platform, lowered the level.  I placed bricks and removed stones I had stocked. The stones again moved out.  Birdbath moved and a brick-step for placing pots next to the wall. 

Birdbath in place. 


The arch was placed next to the barrel where Cherry Tomatoes will grow.  Seedlings are ready. Garlic Chives came up to a pot [bottom right] from the ground.  See the round bath below the tap - which is where bulbuls are coming.  

See now where the vertical poles are.  I took them in so that they can form side-poles to a possible screen to grow some vine on it.  I've already placed the pots - the ones I had, now at lower level. Bigger pots will replace them in a month.

Picture on left shows the birdbath and bed around it - Zinnias and Cosmos will grow here.  Part of it is having Cilantro [coriander] now. The small window at the back is from where I can see the birdbath now. I repaired the window shutters too.  I can see it too from the nearest window too, next to the rain pipe to the right.  Picture to the right is the passageway between the house and My Yarden! See the poles gone in. 

Another view of the passage from a lower angle. The wooden beam was used as a lintel in the old structure we demolished for the new house [door of it is partly seen at the back]. Bullocks pulled it in the limestone grinding mill when the house was being built, 101 years ago!  The holes in it indicate its use. Luckily it is not damaged by termites.

I can see like this from my room window, through the new mesh.

I was sipping tea Sunday evening when a brilliant idea crossed as I was looking the kerbed bed.  It was crying for improvement. This picture is a work-finished one.  I had used smaller and thinner kerbs. I had better ones. See. 

These floor tiles made of clay were salvaged from the half portion of the house which was being demolished by the new owner following sale by brother. I pulled many such tiles from the debris for recycling.  But about 80% went away to landfills :(.  They were mostly from what once was our bedroom when I was in that portion.  
Now I used these for my kerbs. 


The other side - they were made in The South India Industrials Ltd. more than 100 years ago! 

Close-up of the laid tiles. I had tied a thread from end to end for level index.

I have some more in stock.

Deadwood makes a nice perching place for the birds before they step in to the bath.  They like to see around and confirm their safety before they dip and to wriggle water out after dipping.  I put new sticks through it.  They also perch on other things.

My friend Bev asked in a mail how I move that stone birdbath! 
I wrote: Mmmmmmm...mhh.

But let me explain the steps.
Emptied the water. Tilted to its long side, mmmm... holding with both hands, resting on the tummy and walked a few steps, ligaments connecting the jaws and collarbone [not precise] showing up, I kept it carefully on the bench you see there towards the left.  Ooof.
I scrubbed chirrrr, shirrrr, ushhhh, with soap and brush, left it to sun-dry as I completed other things.
The birdbath table top - a concrete slab [once a water tank lid!] - rests on 4 brick pillars. I had to lift the slab to place it carefully on the pillars.... again some mmh...mhhh. This was heavy too.
Tabletop ready, I brought the bath following the same steps.... but now using a few more Mmmmmm's to draw energy as I was a few calories short by then!  :)  

Filled rainwater from the barrel - from Saturday night's heavy rain. The birdbath brim level was perfect to a spirit level requiring no fine-adjustments! 

I hope the birds will locate and like the new place while I can see from the window - I forgot to tell that I also changed the window's insect mesh which was asking for a replacement. 

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