Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yarden soil

Plenty of earth/mud was excavated to lay the foundation of our adjacent new house [not moved there, but continue to live in old one].  A large quantity of mud was used for the support platform of RCC roof.  After curing, this was dismantled.  A large pile of mud, which is usually disposed as debris got accumulated.  I retained some of the good portions to be recycled as garden soil since most of it was good red earth, but now a mixture of small stones, cement grits and sand -easily separable.

 Notice the pile of mud in the above picture.  Earlier batches were having too many wastes and so I allowed it to be disposed as land fill debris. That is the lot I asked the worker to dump in the yarden, inside the white compound wall you see there.  By that time, I had planned the garden area after it had become free of junk and other construction materials.  I had myself passed it through a mesh [which became the window of the garden tool shed] to remove the bigger debris as I had no time to do it properly with a sieve at one go. 

 When I started gardening last year with this new area, I sieved the entire bed soil to get clean soil.  I had added vermicompost and got good results.   

The condition will further improve with the addition of more of it.  My yarden stands raised by about 3-4 inches higher than the passageway. 

A small extra portion had been dumped around the Fiddlewood tree in the front yard. On 14th and 15th January, I decided to clean the area near that tree base which had got cluttered with several things and for this I had to remove the stored mud.

Big clay pots were bought a couple of months ago.  It needed earth/soil/mud/dirt [whatever it is called] for the coming season. This mud would fit the needs but it again needed to be fine-sieved to separate the debris like I did with that huge quantity.  By doing so - hard work! - I got a full sack of fine soil. Some more is left for any more need and it will ask more sieving.

Now after moving a few stone slabs and removing clutter from the yarden, it was time to widen the bed and have a proper bed to grow sufficient plants. Hopefully, the next gardening season will be better organized.  

Next post on garden reshape, bed widening - done on 18th January.

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  1. Oh, Dinu! Excuse me for repeating myself, but I really did need these garden posts this morning. Thanks. Keep on bloggin', youse!


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